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best skateboard decks
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Well, your search ends here. It doesn’t matter if you are at a beginner level looking for a complete skateboard, or you are at a more advanced level and require a new skateboard deck, our online store has exactly what’s needed and more. With our easy-to-use website, you can find perfect skate decks for your needs in no time. Plus, get a chance on shipping promotions or score gift cards that could range from $50 – $69.95 when purchasing multiple items or repeat orders.

At Dagger Skateboards, we present before you a comprehensive range of custom skateboard decks, components, and accessories that you can easily search for and create according to your unique goals. We have some of the most sought-after brands and designs in skateboard decks for sale. Perhaps you wish to have a design inspired by the famous Kenny Anderson, Josh Kalis, or Steve Caballero; or maybe match it with your favorite sweatshirts, hoodies, or t-shirts; or something similar with brands like Santa Cruz and baker skateboards. With our multiple selections, surely there will be something in our shop that suits whatever logo or design you wish to have.

If you check out our website, you can find whatever you require, such as cool skateboard decks, skateboard trucks, skateboard wheels, and more.

You will find many different skateboard decks you can select on our website. We truly believe it is the details that help with custom skateboard decks. It does not matter what your skating level is. Dagger Skateboards has what you require to have a smooth ride. We offer you hundreds of the best skateboard decks to select from. With that said, you will not have any issues finding something that perfectly fits your needs. Check our shop now for the latest arrivals, and you can make your ideal version of the coolest skateboard deck come alive!

best skateboard decks

Future Skateboarder Buying Guide

How to select the best skateboard deck for your needs?

You can approach the selection of skateboard decks in many different ways. You can select cool skateboard decks based on graphics, shape, brand, construction, width, or color. For most of the skateboarders, the combination of such factors, as well as subtle differences in measurements, can make a tremendous difference for some buyers or none at all in the case of other buyers.

In case you are a novice skater, It’s essential to look into the hardware materials used like concrete, bearings, bushings and grip tape when choosing the right board. For example, bearings affect the speed and smoothness of a ride. In such a context, selecting not only the graphic design you like could make better sense.

skateboard decks by dagger
shortboard deck

One of the first rules to remember when selecting from the available skateboard decks for sale is: the bigger the measurement of your feet, the wider the skateboard deck ought to be. For instance, if you wear shoes of size nine or more, you might want a custom skateboard deck that is a minimum of 8 inches wide. If you are a beginner, you might want to get a deck that is wider than 8 inches. Additionally, do not forget the grip tape that will help your shoes grip the board for better balance and stability.

Narrow boards can be much easier to flip, while wide skateboard decks lend more stability. However, there are no stringent rules when it comes to skateboards. The best way to understand what you really prefer is by trying different sizes, shapes, as well as brands. All the leading brands will offer varieties of shapes, sizes, graphics, as well as price points that you can select from. You can also find boards that are made specifically for certain tricks like an ollie, kickflip, and heelflip. If you’re just starting, you might want to look for a board that is a little bit smaller and easier for beginners.

concave deck
concave deck

Purchasing your very first skateboard deck

The primary decision to be made when you are trying to build a custom skateboard is to select a proper skateboard deck. This will lay the foundation of the way your skateboard feels and, ultimately you as a skateboarder. Your style of riding, the nature of obstacles you can skate through, as well as other components such as wheels, trucks, etc. will be relevant to the best skateboard deck you select.

Factors to consider while selecting your first skateboard deck

In case you have a definitive answer for these four parameters, you can initiate shopping for new skateboard decks.

Shoe size

You would need to measure your shoe size to determine the width of the skateboard deck you choose.


Kind of Skating

This enables you to select the wheelbase, deck concave, and deck length.



This is a fun element to
choose from.


Different Shapes

You would also need to know the differences between shaped skateboards, popsicle shapes, as well as a cruiser. This enables you to select an appropriate deck shape.


Important facts to know about the best skateboard decks

The skateboard deck you select will lay the foundation for the way your skateboard feels. Your style of riding, kind of obstacles you can skate through, as well as other components such as wheels, trucks, etc., will be relevant to the skateboard deck you buy.

There are many options in cool skateboard decks to choose from. The technology used for skateboarding has evolved tremendously, from the initial decks in the 1960s that were dense, narrow, as well difficult in their operations.

The skateboard decks for sale today are prepared using as many as 7 or 9 different sheets of wood. These are called “plies” that are bonded together. The bonding of several wood sheets enables the deck to flex easily due to pressure. This makes it resistant to any kind of breaks, as well as responding to movements while making it lightweight.

Modern skateboards are typically made with a 7 or 9-ply construction of Maplewood. In fact, if you view the skateboard decks from a side profile, you would be able to view the different plies.

The raw Maplewood is initially cut into thin sheets rectangular in shape. These are then stacked one over the other while placing glue between sheets. Then, clamps are placed strategically over the glued wood stack. This forms the concave shape of the skateboard decks. Once the glue dries, and layers are bonded to one single object, clamps get removed, and we see a wooden rectangle shape.

With this curved rectangle shape, the skateboard decks get cut. There are many different sizes and shapes, which are cut using this piece, and this decides the final shape of the custom skateboard decks. In the next few sections, we describe various options when it comes to the size and shape of skateboard decks as well as how every option impacts the skateboarding experience.

How to select the right skateboard deck style?

In case you are just entering skateboarding, you can get familiarized with various styles of cool skateboard decks that are in use. There are four normal shapes in skateboards, and each shape gets used for specific types of skateboarding. Pertaining to this, the shape of the board you have chosen needs to match your style of skating. Then, you can create custom skateboard decks by utilizing components matching the deck as well as the style of skating.

cruiser style deck


As the name suggests, this is the shortest kind of style board, and it is typically designed as well as shaped to perform tricks and get air. In case your preference is toward park or street skating, the shortboard style of a skateboard deck is the best match for you.


These types of skateboard decks for sale usually have kicktails. Moreover, they are designed mainly for cruising around. Decks usually have mid-sized lengths. Cruisers tend to be easily maneuvered and versatile, which makes them great to cruise streets.

Old School

These types of boards usually have kicktails and flat noses. They tend to be asymmetrical and have a wide nose. The old-school type of skateboard deck is a perfect choice for ramps, skating pools as well as carving streets.


In case you do not wish to do complex tricks and want a skateboard that is easily pushed for transportation, then cruisers or longboard type of skateboard deck is a good alternative. Some of the longboards have been designed for performing downhill racing. This downhill-style of custom skateboard deck possesses a symmetrical shape and is at a low level close to the ground. They usually have wheel shapes of cutouts, which enable larger wheels to be placed.

Radial Concave Deck

These types of decks possess U shaping. They are typically perfect for beginner-level skaters and provide excellent grip. These kinds of skateboards are good for almost all skateboard styles.

Progressive Deck

These skateboard decks are very similar to the radial type of boards. Yet, their curve is much steeper. This enables the board to be more secure, and they are a great choice for beginner-level skaters.

W-Concave Deck

These are among the best skateboard decks that enable you to shift your energy between the toe and heel very effectively. This allows you to turn very quickly. The board has a shape that is quite similar to other kinds of concave type of boards. In relation to this, they rise very slightly at their center point.

Tub Boards

These types of skateboard decks possess sharp angles across their sides. The board provides a relatively more sedate ride compared to other skateboards. They also enable easier shifting of your energy. Overall, they are very popular among skateboarding enthusiasts.

Convex Boards

This cool skateboard deck is marked by a curved shape, which is the opposite of what you would find in most other skateboards. In this type of board, the deck curve faces upward. The board shape is rather uncommon but well-suited for people who perform downhill or slalom type of skateboarding.

Flat Skateboard Decks

This is a rare kind of skateboard shape as well. The skateboard decks are fairly common across various old-school or traditional skateboards. They are usually built keeping specific tricks and functionality in mind.

Rocker and Camber Boards

Camber boards tend to have a curved shape, which peaks at the central portion of the board. The rocker types of boards have curves peaking towards the ends. This can impact flex on the board, but most of these skateboard decks lack lengthwise curving.

The Kicktail

The kicktail represents an elevated area present on one end of your skateboard. This is very useful when it comes to specific tricks and also makes it easy to stand your board up. These types of skateboards are great at performing ollies.

old school skateboard deck

Skateboard Deck Width

Most skateboarders need to check for width when choosing skateboard decks. Such decks range in width from 7.5 inches to 10 inches. You should consider a few things to determine the width of your custom skateboard deck. At Dagger Skateboards, we have some of the well-known brands of skateboard decks for sale and also similar to that of Santa Cruz, Pavement, and Baker.

The first thing to consider is what is your end objective. Do you wish to be the best skateboarder? Two primary categories of skateboarding exist, which center around various kinds of obstacles, as well as different maneuvers and tricks like an ollie, kickflip, and heelflip. These two categories represent “street” and “transition.”

The high-speed type involved with transition skating requires more stable and wider skateboard decks. If you ride wider skateboards, it makes it easier for you to place your feet on the deck while remaining stable even at very high speeds. If you find that you are usually skating transition, skateboards should be at a width of at least 8.38 inches or even wider.

Transition skating is typically performed in a pool, ramp, or park. On the other hand, street skating is mainly about repurposing the environment around you. Street skaters often use ledges, benches, stair sets, as well as various urban fixtures in order to skate.

The maneuvers involved with the street type of skating require quick maneuvers that are highly technical. These require custom skateboard decks that are more maneuverable. If you wish to do the technical street type of skating, a narrow board will be more suited to your purpose. You can select skateboards that have widths between 7.5 inches and 8.25 inches.

old school skateboard deck

Skateboard Deck Shape

The conventional shape of most skateboards remains the “popsicle” one with a rounded tail and nose. Based on this, there are a variety of other shapes you can select from. At Dagger Skateboards, we offer an eclectic range of skateboard decks for sale. You can choose from squared tails and noses, tapered noses that end at a point, fishtails tapered in and bowing out, and so many other shapes for our cool skateboard decks.

The popsicle shape usually presents the most functionality when it comes to street skating as well as technical styles of riding. This shaping tends to be symmetrical, having an upturned tail and nose, which allows easy riding and performance of tricks across “normal” stances (skating using the dominant foot in front) as well as “switch” stances (skating using the non-dominant foot in front resulting in a challenging ride).

The popsicle shape offers more symmetry and enables you to learn many different kinds of flip tricks on your custom skateboard decks.

flat skateboard deck

Skateboard Deck Concave

The technical aspect of shaping a skateboard lies in the concave shape. The concave shaping on the skateboard deck impacts its feel underneath your feet and also its responsiveness to movements.

The concave shape represents the downward and upward curves on the deck’s edges and surface. The concave shape can be easily seen on the profile. If viewed from the side, you can see the curve of the wood and flatten from the nose to the tail. You can also see how it bows in across the sides.

The best skateboard decks will have variations when it comes to the degree of their concave shaping. Various degrees of concave shaping will be well-suited to specific kinds of riding styles.

The more extreme or pronounced the concave shaping on your skateboard deck, the more distinctly you can feel the deck shaping underneath your feet. You can easily locate the place of your feet in comparison to the sides, tail, and nose of your skateboard without the need to look down. This can be very useful for high-speed skateboarding.

For this reason, a lot of transition skaters who need to keep up specific speeds to carve steep walls tend to prefer more concave shapes.

best skateboards

Check out our extensive range of skateboard decks for sale at Dagger Skateboards

Skateboarding is an art, and the best skateboard decks incorporate design, styling, and building, which has been perfected over several years. Skateboard manufacturers constantly experiment using new materials, technology, as well as graphics trends.

Whether you wish to purchase complete or custom skateboard decks, you can find the best options in various leading brands, as well as all the necessary components and accessories from us. We invite you to explore our online store. Check our shop for promotional gift cards and on-sale products. At Dagger Skateboards, we aim to provide exceptional customer service as well as transparent information to enable you to make informed decisions regarding your purchase.

You can contact our customer care team at 815-245-3136. We have a team of friendly customer care executives who will help you find the right products according to your unique skateboarding needs. If you have questions, you may also fill out our online contact form.

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